I know I’m going to sound like my parents right now, but honestly, where has the time gone? I’ve been absent on here for quite a few months but I think it’s time to get rolling again. While I am not going to be posting religiously for the gym anymore, I would like to try to get back into writing some posts that touch on a little bit of everything…life, fitness, CHRISTMAS, work, my seemingly endless obsession with subscription boxes and anything in between!

First, we will start with fitness. Yesterday was December 1st and scrolling absentmindedly through Instagram I came upon a #30for30 challenge. If you join, you vow to do 30 minutes of exercise for 30 days in a row. Honestly, I’ve fallen off the bandwagon. Between finishing up the TBT at the gym on not the greatest terms, coinciding with Zumba classes ending and not restarting and the plethora of delicious fall foods, beverages and football game appetizers…I’ve lost my way a bit. I was so stringent and so good for so long that I just broke. I saw the pumpkin donut and I ate it! So anywho, I saw this challenge and thought that it would be a fantastic way for me to get going again. Happy to report that I joined and my wonderful mother (who is in much better shape than I am) joined as well. The hashtag to follow for this challenge is #getleanby2015 in case anyone was curious! Even though I’ll be in Disney soon…I think I’ll definitely be able to get in the exercise on vacation!

Which brings me to my next talking point…Disney World! I’ve never been and I am as excited as I was on Christmas Eve when I was 5. I’m sure I won’t be able to sleep even if I wanted to the night before we leave. Disney…at Christmastime?? I can’t even fathom it! I can’t wait to take zillions of pictures so you can witness the magic from the comfort of your iPhone! Any tips and tricks would be welcome!!

I may as well also get back on the Birchbox review train as well, while we have the time! December Birchboxes look like they will be awesome and we have a $10 credit to Gap on the way too which is an amazing collaboration but I suppose I’ll let you know about my November box!


During the month of November, Birchbox collaborated with (RED) to support an AIDS Free Generation and with every tweet or FB post or IG picture posted of your November box with the #shaRED, Birchbox donated a dollar to the cause. Very cool. So what did I get? Lemme tell ya….

amika Nourishing Mask
Smells pretty good, I enjoyed their dry shampoo from October’s box and I’m looking forward to trying this beauty out. Decent sample size as well!

Cynthia Rowley Beauty Creamy Lip Stain in Heartthrob
Eh. Not my favorite. I’m a good ol’ chapstick/lip gloss gal. Not very good at pulling off a bold lip. My deranged Elf on the Shelf delivered this to my mother. You’re welcome.

Gilchrist & Soames Spa Therapy Body Lotion
My husband took this one with him to combat the winter on his dainty hands (I’ll pay for that comment later 🙂 ) but honestly I feel like I’ve received a billion of these hotel toiletries at this point. Moving on….

theBalm cosmetics Cindy-Lou Manizer
Anything from theBalm comes in the coolest packaging and this is no exception. Very cool, very on trend and a hot commodity in the BB community, I think. I’m still working on making it look like I know what I’m supposed to do with it…

Royal Apothic Cuppa Cuppa Tea Firming Tea Treatment Mask
This was my sample choice for November and honestly I loved it. Smells great and gives you a great face to Snapchat in the 7 minutes you have it on, which is always a bonus. I got a couple uses out of the one tube as well which was a plus!

Dang Coconut Chips
Dang. These things are GOOOOOD. So good that I’ve already purchased 2 more bags since I received my box. These were an extra item in the box and I could not have been more appreciative of that!

Well that is all for now. I’m patiently awaiting my recent Black Friday Birchbox order, 25% off, free shipping and used my BB points? Yeah. That’s what I call a deal! Much is in store in the next few weeks….I just love December!!


3 Replies to “December…..already??”

  1. I am very pleased to read this post 😊 Holidays and cold weather are a recipe for disaster when you are trying to maintain your weight. Nevermind trying to shed a few!
    My only advice is to just keep moving. Maybe even more than normal so you can indulge. Disney is the perfect place to be during the holidays LOTS of walking😀


  2. I echo your Mom’s comment regarding joy in seeing this post.
    I’ve been a bit remiss in terms of my own blog.
    As far as the weight thing goes, let’s approach the holiday as we did last year: more vegetables, less starch, less saturated fat.
    Not worried about the lamb but the ham we need to be careful.
    Way too much sodium. Jonathan can make a small one which will be fine.
    Disney? You’re going to Disney?
    I had no idea. 😉
    Bring lots of water. You’ll need it.
    And take a gazillion pictures, please.
    Welcome back to your lovely blog.
    It misses you. ❤


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