A Magical Unicorn Birthday Party

Does anyone else enjoy party planning? I mean the create a Pinterest board, dream big, no budget type planning. Yeah, that’s me. Extravagant, over the top boards that are just gorgeous. I did the same thing for my wedding. Ringing any bells? Mhmm. Thought so.

Well, back in the real world, there’s a thing called reality and she came a calling. I did find so many cool crafts and ideas for activities and snacks for the party, so I figured I would lay them out for you here because in all of my searching, I didn’t find any comprehensive “Unicorn Party” resources.

Let’s dive in.

First, it’s important to note that I basically planned the entire color scheme around my daughter, Margot’s birthday outfit. We got this GORGEOUS tutu dress from Little Mouse Couture and it was just amazing. I’m partial, but she looked so cute! Worth noting, if you’re interested in a tutu from Megan over at LMC, use code SARAH to save!


My next best friend in this party planning journey was Amazon. Because Prime, obviously, but also because they have everything unicorn!

Let me give you a run down of what I ordered:

Amazon Finds:

Unicorn Party Set- Came with plates, napkins, paper straws, utensils, tablecloth, birthday banner and even a cute unicorn headband!


Mylar O-N-E balloon– this we just blew up with the straw that came with it and hung it up on the siding!

THE CUTEST UNICORN SHOES- I just couldn’t say no. They were I dunno, super cheap and came with a unicorn headband that had the stretchy band on it. If there’s anything I know, my child is way more apt to keep on a headband with a band than a normal behind the ears job.

PW%d+0qIQIOmok2L3mhGlw_thumb_cb88 COME ON! Can you even??

Pin the Horn on the Unicorn– Who even knew? I definitely thought I was going to have to try to make this myself, but no- because Amazon is awesome. Saving uncrafty moms one birthday party at a time.

We also did a fun rainbow scavenger hunt that I found with printables that you can check out here.

And when the kids arrived, I had a table set up with some Magic Painting pages, bowls with water, and some paint brushes so they could make a fun painting to take home!

My sweet niece with her SWEET unicorn horn finding skills!

Balloon Arch Kit– I ended up buying a hand balloon pump which I thought was going to make this a breeze to assemble. Ehhhh nope. So we blew up all 100 balloons, my lungs got the best workout ever and I think it looked pretty cute.


I got a bunch of stuff from Target too, mostly from their unicorn birthday selection, like this You Are Magical banner and the tassels that I put around the high chair.


Magical Snacks

I’ve got to thank Pinterest for all of these amazing ideas and also the market/Target for having so much on-brand unicorn themed food to begin with!

Unicorn Popcorn:

You need:

  • Colored Chocolate Melts- whatever colors you want to do (we used pink, teal, and purple)
  • Popcorn (we used PopSecret Homestyle)

I’m one of those wing-it types in the kitchen so I melted a few bowls of melting chocolate and coated the popcorn until I was satisfied. Then I spread each of the colored popcorn on a baking sheet lined with wax paper. Once it was set and dried, I broke up the big chunks and stored in separate containers until party day! This stayed fresh for several days, so don’t be afraid to prep ahead of time.

So easy and the colors of melts are endless!

Unicorn Trail Mix:

You need:

  • Chocolate Melts (several colors and then a bag of white as well)
  • Bugles
  • Pretzel sticks
  • Vanilla Chex
  • Marshmallows (I found unicorn ones at Target)
  • Rainbow sprinkles

First up, unicorn horns.

Melt some white chocolate and coat Bugles with it. As they’re drying, sprinkle with rainbow sprinkles and set aside.

Next, take a baking sheet and line it with wax paper. Spread out pretzel sticks on half of the sheet and vanilla Chex on the other half. Drizzle with colored chocolate melts and let dry. Then break apart.

Mix together your unicorn horns, pretzels, Chex and add in some fun marshmallows to complete the trail mix! So easy and let me warn you, if you’re a Bugles fan- DANGEROUS. They’re so, so tasty. Loved by kids and adults alike!

Again, prep ahead of time because this will keep.

Unicorn Trail Mix!

Fruit Rainbow:

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to prep this morning of the party. Unless you have a magic way to keep fruit looking super fresh, then by all means.

I used:

  • Watermelon
  • Strawberries
  • Mango
  • Banana
  • Green Grapes
  • Blueberries
  • Purple Grapes

Feel free to add in whatever you’d like, obviously. I would have preferred some pineapple and kiwi in there too, maybe next time.

I ordered one of these OXO Tot Grape Cutters last minute and it totally saved me. 100% recommend.

If i had more room, I would have added marshmallows as the clouds at the ends!

To round out the snacks, I found unicorn Snack Pack pudding, pink Princess Goldfish, Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish and of course I had to have Unicorn Kisses Polar Seltzer. If you don’t know Polar, you will now!

My amazing MIL & SIL also made rainbow pretzel sticks and I have ZERO pictures of them. But they were delicious! Pretzel rods dipped in melting chocolate rolled in colored sugar. Amazing.

There were juice boxes and water for the kids. Chill, I know kids generally don’t like seltzer. But Mama does!

Party Favors:

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get sick of the same ol’ party favor routine. So many little trinkets that they play with for 2 seconds, everything is a choking hazard anyway, so I tried to think of something a little different.

My oldest daughter recently started playing with Water Beads, so of course, the baby was interested and honestly, with supervision, they both have a ton of fun if I put them in the water table. I wanted to incorporate them in the favor so I ordered some little bags and scooped out a tablespoon of dry water beads, made a little tag that said “Rainbow Seeds” and there ya go. Add water and watch ’em grow.

I attached the bag of beads to a bubble wand with some tulle, added a tattoo and lollipop and there ya have it. Cost efficient, unique and super easy.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_cb17.jpg Water Beads- the gift that keeps on growing! HA!

The Cake:

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the cake and cupcakes we had made for Margot’s birthday extravaganza. Our dear friends from The Queen’s Cups in Worcester, MA made this amazing smash cake and cupcakes. They were so easy to work with and brought to life everything I asked for. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend you stop by and pay them a visit!!

We had such a fun day and I’m sure this little cherub will remember every moment and look back on it fondly. Right?? Right?? At least there are pictures she can use in a future TBT post- if those are even a thing by that point.

I hope you enjoyed the Magical Unicorn Party rundown and if you have any questions, let me know in the comments!

*Amazon links above are affiliate links. Thank you so much!



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