Birchbox Review- December 2014

I am happy to report that my Birchbox arrived just in time for me to take my goodies with me to sunny Florida so I could properly try them out. I was getting bored trying these things up North. The boxes for December are a beautiful blue with gold accents which only makes it feelContinue reading “Birchbox Review- December 2014”

December 2014- Target Beauty Box

Every so often, Target releases their Beauty Box. In the past, I’ve only seen one box offered for five dollars. This time around however, there were 3 options to choose from. A five and a ten dollar option for women and a five dollar box for the men. I chose the lower end option forContinue reading “December 2014- Target Beauty Box”

Birchbox Book Club-December 2014

I am here with a special news bulletin. Shortly before 11 o’clock this morning, I received an email stating that I had won a copy of the December Birchbox Book of the Month and it would be shipping shortly! This month’s book is actually a cookbook! Homemade Decadance by Joy the Baker! I fully admitContinue reading “Birchbox Book Club-December 2014”


I know I’m going to sound like my parents right now, but honestly, where has the time gone? I’ve been absent on here for quite a few months but I think it’s time to get rolling again. While I am not going to be posting religiously for the gym anymore, I would like to tryContinue reading “December…..already??”