The 13 Most Awesome Snacks at Disney World

13 in honor of the spookiness of October which has finally arrived and because 13 is the best number ever. My wedding date speaks to that- 10.13.13! And we’re talking about snacks because after our next trip to WDW, I plan to have a whole new slew of favorites thanks to the Epcot Food & Wine Festival.

  1. Dole Whip– Can you even find a top snack list on the internet that doesn’t include this national treasure? Whether it’s on top of rum at Animal Kindgom or the original Dole Whip float from Aloha Isle or my personal favorite, the Vanilla/Pineapple twist Dole Whip float at the Polynesian. All amazing. All worth your time. I know it will probably be the first stop for my Mom when we arrive!UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_mini_7707.jpg
  2. Carrot Cake Cookie– We said au revoir to this RIDICULOUS cookie sandwich at the Writer’s Stop at Hollywood Studios, but it’s supposedly still being sold at Sweet Spells. Thank goodness. Two soft carrot cake cookies with a cream cheese frosting center? All. Day. These have been known to make the flight back to MA on occasion because they’re so worth it.
    Do you see that cream cheese frosting to cake ratio?
  3. German Chocolate Chip Cookie– This cookie can be found at Karamell-Küche in Germany at Epcot and it was a last minute decision that I was SO glad I made! Chocolate chip and a delicious caramel drizzle? Sign me up every time.
  4. Magic Cookie Bar– This is a fond memory from the first time we stayed at Wilderness Lodge and found this at the Roaring Fork. Buttery, chocolately, cakey, coconutty…you just have to try it. It’s like the mother of all magic cookie bars! Side note: Roaring Fork is one of my favorite quick service places. Their Mickey waffle breakfast selection is top notch and they have some amazing choices. Worth a trip over to WL, for sure.
  5. Butterfinger Cupcake– The sparkling diamond among a bed of jewels at the Starring Rolls Café. There are so many delicious cupcakes at Starring Rolls but this heap of chocolate Butterfinger goodness just takes the cake! Just look it up. Once you see a picture, you won’t be able to resist.
  6. Make Your Own Rice Krispies Treat– At Goofy’s Candy Co in Disney Springs, you can fill out a form with toppings selections and then watch as it is dipped and coated in toppings before your eyes. AND this counts as a snack credit! Boom roasted. My personal favorite: Milk chocolate, Oreo and dark chocolate drizzle, though the peanut butter chips might be taking over my heart! +An65ExJTreT3O39jHByDA_thumb_8bb4.jpg
  7. Cinnamon Roll– Found at Gaston’s Tavern in Magic Kingdom, this is definitely one of the most absurdly big cinnamon rolls I have ever encountered. Served warmed with icing, it’s just unreal. Ask for extra icing…you will NOT be disappointed!UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_684c.jpg
  8. Starbucks– Pretty much anything on the Starbucks menu is a snack credit and it’s not a Disney trip for us unless we stop at Main Street Bakery and get our favorite drink and see that Disney logo on the Starbucks cup! Make sure to order that extra shot/Venti/Trenta that you’d ordinarily skip to maximize your snack credit value!
    I happened to get a very clever Castmember when I ordered my refresher!
  9. Troll Horn-Found at Kringla Bakeri in Norway, this flaky pastry filled with whipped cream and cloudberry jam is absolutely delicious and I actually prefer it over the famous School Bread!
  10. Nutella Waffle Sandwich with Fruit– Though not considered a snack and large enough to be a meal, I had to include this delicacy from Sleepy Hollow in Magic Kingdom. Outrageous. Ridiculous. Absurd. Just do it.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_50ca.jpg
  11. Corn Dog Nuggets– Finally, something savory, right? Truth be told, I had never tried a corn dog before having corn dog nuggets from Casey’s Corner on Main Street, U.S.A and I am sad that I had been missing out. Bite sized perfection, these are a must-have snack!
  12. Ganache from The Ganachery– Also not technically a snack, but this place needs to be mentioned. Located in Disney Springs, you can actually watch the ganache being made through the window and the smell is just perfection when you walk in. There are so many different flavors, it’s hard to narrow it down to the couple you actually want to try. The staff was extremely accommodating and patient and answered all of my questions. I look forward to going back this Fall to try their limited edition Fall flavors.
    Worth the money and the presentation is flawless.
  13. Any ridiculous popcorn from Karamell-Küche– This place is too good to not be mentioned twice. The store uses Werther’s caramel and for me, Werther’s brings back fond memories of my grandparent’s house when I was younger. They always had some variety of Werther’s candy in the house and looking at the wall of caramel candy/snack options when you enter the store just makes me smile. The popcorn is amazeballs. Yes, amazeballs. Chocolate drizzled, waffle cone pieces, candied nuts, you name it, there’s an option for everyone. You can also buy a freshly popped, warm bag of caramel popcorn from the counter which will never disappoint. Germany is not to be missed when you’re in Epcot!

I am certainly looking forward to trying and most likely adding a few more savory options to my list after our next trip. Namely, poutine from The Daily Poutine, crêpes from AristoCrêpes and sausage from B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Co. What fun is Disney World if you don’t have a list of “Must-Try” food? Never mind that the Food & Wine Festival food that will most likely need its own list!

What’s your favorite snack when you visit Disney? Leave a comment below and let me know!


7 Replies to “The 13 Most Awesome Snacks at Disney World”

  1. Love this list and agree with all of it!!! Might I also add the awesome waffle fries at Golden Oak Outpost in Magic Kingdom? And I’m sure after our a pit stop to Port Orleans French Quarter during our next trip, we will be adding the beignets… Awesome post!


    1. The waffle fries were amazing! They certainly deserve a spot on this list. And I think I could do a Part 2 to this post after the next trip!


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