Top Ten Thoughts on Turning Thirty

Woahhh…a new post. Stop traffic. 

1. That’s a lot of T’s in that post title.
Just kidding. There’s been tons of thoughts swirling through my brain regarding this impending milestone. 30. In some ways, it sounds so old. In others, so very young. So as I continue the (faster than I would like it) descent into the next decade, I leave you with these thoughts. 

1. Happiness is all around you (if you look hard enough)

It’s so easy to get swept up in the chaos that inevitably ensnares our every day life. But, I’m realizing there is so much in my life that brings a smile to my face and it’s important to stop and reflect on that. When I’m tired and overwhelmed, sad or stressed, I only need the fraction of a second it takes for my daughter to smile or laugh at me and all of that falls by the wayside. Her innocence and blissful unawareness of the chaotic world that surrounds her is a breath of fresh air and will always bring me joy.

I’ve found that it’s the intangibles that bring happiness. Obviously, finding a new flavor of Burts Bees or the new Disney Lip Smacker line can certainly bring me happiness but that is a transient happiness. I think it’s helpful to take a moment and be grateful that I have so much that is good in my life. There is always something positive to be found when we delve deep enough. So I look to 30 with a smile, knowing that there is so much more happiness in store for me in the coming years. 

2. True friends are hard to come by.

It’s true. I’ve read some crazy statistic that has been meme’d to the extreme and Instagrammed and Facebooked to the high heavens that says something along the lines of, “Psychologists say that once you’ve been friends with someone for 7 years, the friendship will last a lifetime.” And I don’t necessarily think they’re wrong. Let’s be honest…7 years is a LONG time. And making and sustaining meaningful friendships becomes infinitely harder as you get older. Life gets in the way. Everyone is busy and not in a bad way, we just have a lot to accomplish at this point in our lives. So friends come and go and you find new groups of friends who are at the same point in life as you and you bond over those commonalities but then you change again and sometimes those friends stick, sometimes they don’t. Fortunately, my parents gifted me two automatic friends in my sisters so regardless of what stage of life I’m in, they’re stuck with me and for that I’m very grateful. Add in a few more from various other stages and they are all I need. 

My crazy sisters. #sistersforever
3. I’m not about to waste my time. 

I’m really not. Are you? No. Life is too short to be worried about who said what and who’s not talking to who. Mean girls should have stayed in high school, which is where they belong. I’m good with the people I have in my corner and if you’re not on board, then that’s your loss. So here’s to calling it like I see it because there are far more important things to be worried about in life! 
4. Being a parent is going to get significantly more difficult. 

If I thought the first few months of my daughter’s life were difficult, I’m coming to terms with the fact that it’s going to get a whole lot worse. And I know that sounds like a bad way to put it, but it’s true. I was a wise-guy, pain in the butt preteen and a mouthy, entitled teenager. Scarily enough, I was actually a pretty good kid and made pretty much the right decisions, and did well in school, but I was still a teenage girl. A hormonal, sarcastic knowitall with FAR less technology and social media at my fingertips than this up-and-coming generation. My husband and I are in for it. So consider this my cue to buckle up and get prepared for the onslaught. Luckily, my daughter is one so, I think I have a small window of enjoyment left! As someone once told me, “Little kids, little problems. Big kids, big problems.” So let’s take on the little problems! 

5. Thank God for my husband. 

Turning 30, I am so glad than I can look to the right of me on the couch and see my best friend. I am thankful that we have been able to build this life we have and create our little family of 3. After 9 years together, we love each other and we even still like each other which is a feat in and of itself. It has been wonderful to see him grow as a father and see the love he has for MG. I’m proud of our accomplishments and that in this age of drowning in student loan debt, we have found a way to remain relatively financially stable, which is completely attributable to my husband as you can see from his love of all things finance related.  He makes sure we are taken care of and is one of the hardest working, driven people I know. I’m excited for what this next decade brings for us and our family.

B. Fresh Photography

6. Everyone has SOMETHING going on. 

I find this to be true more and more as I get older and I have a feeling that’s not going to change. People are always dealing with stuff that no one on the outside knows about. Internal struggles, family issues, work issues, health issues…you name it and I guarantee every random Joe on the street has one of them going on. I am going to make a purposeful effort to try to keep this is mind in my every day encounters. 

Do I have stuff going on? Yup. Am I still happy? Please see #1. Fact of the matter is, we live in a volatile world today. People are quick to judge, easily offended and kindness comes at a premium. So if we remember that the next time someone cuts you off at a light or jumps in front of you in line, maybe there’s a reason. Maybe we’re too quick to judge people and think they’re horrible and rude. Maybe, in this season of giving, we can be a bit more forgiving, understanding and accepting. Pay it forward, smile, toss kindness around like confetti. It’ll help us all in the long run. 

7. I’m going to have to stop swearing so much. 

Yet another random fact I’ve seen floating around on the internet is that people who swear are more honest, loyal and smarter than their counterparts. Hmm…so do I have to stop? Well, like I said, my child just turned one. She’s at the point that we have a few words but a greater proportion of an alien language in which I’m not yet fluent. 

Now there are few things funnier than a small child saying a swear when they have no idea what they’re saying. When they are actively verbally assaulting people with them, that’s a different story. So I suppose until MG and any future children are old enough to hear these things on the playground, I gotta cool it. If they hear it from Papa though…

8. At some point, I’m going to have to take care of me. 

This one’s scary to terms with. There is nothing easier than playing the Mom card. My time and energy goes into my kid, easy. I mean,  I took care of me through infertility treatment, through gestational diabetes, and years ago, at the gym (which you can read about in the archives), but prenatal and maternity care weren’t really for me. I think that’s why it was an easier lifestyle to maintain   All of the work and healthy decisions and choices I made were to benefit my future child/the child growing inside of me. It was all for a greater purpose. I’m 100% confident that I will have to go through it all again if we are going to expand our family. 🙄 God, help me. 

I just read the other day that in your twenties, you should focus on skin and hair maintenance…great. I have 2 weeks left. In your thirties, you need to start to worry about fine lines and wrinkles. Excuse me, what? These bags under my eyes are going to become permanent? I can’t just keep using the $10 moisturizer from the cheap aisle at Target? I suppose that since 30 and New Years pretty much coincide that maybe I should use this as my wake up call and get moving! I sound really convincing, right?

9. My career definitely hasn’t gone as planned. 

Read into that however you’d like. When I was in undergrad, yes, I had a much different mindset. I was out to change the world. Who wasn’t? Life happened. Med school became nursing school. And you know what? Knowing what I know now about the inner workings of a hospital, I made the right choice. I’d have a life if I went down the other path, sure…but it wouldn’t be the life I have today. Of that, I am certain. 

Being a nurse has been a very enlightening 5 years of my life. It’s odd working in a profession that is outwardly recognized and respected by mainstream media but when you get down to the day to day operations of it, it’s a much different story.

 I’ve learned much more in practice than I ever did in a book. My knowledge and skillset have helped me as a mother, a daughter, a friend, a wife, and for that I’m grateful. I’m also fortunate enough that it has allowed me the flexibility to be at home with my daughter the majority of the week. For me, time away from her is time I will never get back and she is my greatest accomplishment so I appreciate that I can be there for her milestones, her good days and her bad days. For now, nursing has been good to me, but I have to leave the door open on my career. 30 isn’t so old…

10. I actually think my 30s are going to be the best yet. 

I’m ready to settle into my Mom self. I’m ready to go to soccer games again, watch Disney movies (as if that’s anything new) and share my Disney obsession with someone who can experience the magic in an authentic way (and not roll their eyes at me). I’m ready to experience the magic of Christmas and Santa through the eyes of a child. I’m not ready for gray hairs. I’m not ready for my metabolism to get more sluggish by the day. And I’m not ready for the inevitable heartbreaks that will come alongside the joys in the years to come. But for now, I look toward a new year and a new calendar year filled with new memories. Maybe I’ll actually finish the baby book! 😂 

Mom life. Except with no makeup, sweats and random stains on everything.

I also think this post means a blog name change is in my near future! #talesofathirtysomething 


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