Week 12- Keeping It Fresh


3 months done. Can you believe it? I certainly cannot. Life has certainly changed….for the better. Everything is healthier. Every choice is better, easier to make. This week Jen and I had a certain weight loss goal in mind. It was lofty and we came up short but I still had a really good week. We mixed things up again with my workouts which I surprisingly enjoyed.

I finished a grueling workout with Jen on Tuesday and as I’m leaving the gym I hear Ginny’s voice saying “Medeiros, come over here.” There’s something unnaturally commanding about that tone that surprisingly, I let her and Jen con me into a 3 mile run around Auburn. Let me just say that I have not been on a run since a road race on Father’s Day 2013, so I didn’t have high expectations. However, I surprised myself yet again. While I wouldn’t say I had fun, the run was tolerable, I finished it and I didn’t die. I consider that a success.


Next up on the new workout journey was Bosu class on Wednesday night. Half-hour Jen says. It’s not that bad, Jen says. Well Jen was lying. Very very difficult, challenging 30 minutes. Nonstop. (She doesn’t even allow water breaks…can you believe that?? Kidding!) Afterwards, I was dead but a good dead, so I plan on going back this week again!! Yay for more torture!!


Next week is Week 13. 13 is a lucky number for me. When you’re Murphy…well used to be a Murphy…luck runs the opposite way, so 13 is my favorite. Hoping for an awesome week and hoping to hit a big milestone!


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