Nest Diapers- A Plant-Based Eco-Friendly Option

I don’t know about you, but I’ve found throughout my four year stint in motherhood that we are constantly bombarded with options. Options on EVERYTHING. Diapers, food, clothes, creams, you name it- there’s at least a handful of options. I’ve solidified my role in the world as a crazy researcher. I am that person whoContinue reading “Nest Diapers- A Plant-Based Eco-Friendly Option”

February 2014 Ipsy

After finally “Skipping the Waitlist,” I received my first Ipsy Glambag for February. Comparing Birchbox to Ipsy this month, I think I received a higher value bag from Ipsy but not necessarily items that I’m going to use religiously. So what did I get? Let’s find out. Pacifica Body Butter in Hawaiian Ruby Guava I’veContinue reading “February 2014 Ipsy”

February 2014 Birchbox

So this month, I was a little nervous because I really enjoyed January’s box so Murphy’s Law tells me the chips need to fall eventually but I am happy to report I really enjoyed this month’s box as well. First up, Bain de Terre shampoo and conditioner which were very generous sized samples. The scentContinue reading “February 2014 Birchbox”