Character Dining at Disney World and Why I Recommend It!

Character dining is one of the more expensive ways to eat at Walt Disney World but I think it can be worthwhile, so hear me out as to why. Obviously if you’re not a person who’s amped to meet characters, then this post probably isn’t for you, but if you have small kids who likeContinue reading “Character Dining at Disney World and Why I Recommend It!”

My Morning Routine (and why I need it!)

When my last baby turned one last month, I feel like a timer went off in my head. Time to get your sh*t together, Sarah. Arbitrarily, I gave myself a year after she was born to just make it through. Just keep two kids alive, keep myself alive, sleep when I could- just slog through.Continue reading “My Morning Routine (and why I need it!)”

A Magical Unicorn Birthday Party

Does anyone else enjoy party planning? I mean the create a Pinterest board, dream big, no budget type planning. Yeah, that’s me. Extravagant, over the top boards that are just gorgeous. I did the same thing for my wedding. Ringing any bells? Mhmm. Thought so. Well, back in the real world, there’s a thing calledContinue reading “A Magical Unicorn Birthday Party”

Nest Diapers- A Plant-Based Eco-Friendly Option

I don’t know about you, but I’ve found throughout my four year stint in motherhood that we are constantly bombarded with options. Options on EVERYTHING. Diapers, food, clothes, creams, you name it- there’s at least a handful of options. I’ve solidified my role in the world as a crazy researcher. I am that person whoContinue reading “Nest Diapers- A Plant-Based Eco-Friendly Option”

Once a Nurse…

I’ve thought about writing this post probably once a day for the past six months. But, I haven’t been able to bring myself to put pen to paper, in a manner of speaking. 8 years. I’ve been a registered nurse for 8 years. Taking care of some of the sickest, most critical patients in theContinue reading “Once a Nurse…”

Best Fast Passes to Make at Magic Kingdom

You have your reservation, you have your park tickets and you’ve hit that 60 day mark until your trip, which means you’re ready to make Fast Passes! Stressful, right? It doesn’t have to be! Before you do anything, make sure you have My Disney Experience downloaded to your phone and have your reservation and ticketsContinue reading “Best Fast Passes to Make at Magic Kingdom”

How I Pack for a Plane Ride with Small Children

Snacks. Snacks. And more snacks. But honestly, I’ve never heard a child ask for so many snacks at 6 in the morning! After many flights with my kids, I have a system down for what I pack for the plane. I like to think of myself as a modern-day Mary Poppins. My first stop isContinue reading “How I Pack for a Plane Ride with Small Children”

Best Quick Service at Disney World (that keeps parents AND kids happy!)

Ahhh I remember the days when I’d hit 180 days from my reservation and be on my computer ready to book my Advanced Dining Reservations at our favorite Table Service restaurants on Disney property. But, times have changed. And to be completely honest, unless we have another adult on the trip to babysit the kidsContinue reading “Best Quick Service at Disney World (that keeps parents AND kids happy!)”

Disney World with a One Year-Old- It Can Be Done!

Now that Meryl is THREE (read- catastrothree/threenager), I guess I can write a little bit about bringing her to Disney World when she was one (and 1.5!). This is what happens when you’re a mom- your life is paved with good intentions and blog posts, yet many are started and never finished. OH, and thenContinue reading “Disney World with a One Year-Old- It Can Be Done!”