Why We Love Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows

Oh, Disney Vacation Club, how I love thee! When we began to look into joining the Disney Vacation Club, we actually toured at the Polynesian.  It was stuff of dreams for me. There’s no way that we could afford the room rates at the Polynesian.  I was pretty sure it was always going to be a pipe dream. A nice place to go visit during our trips, but I never thought we’d be staying there, annually! 

At the time that we purchased DVC, they were actively selling contracts for Polynesian Villas & Bungalows (PVB), but there were also contracts available at other resorts. However, after we toured the deluxe studio and looked out the window and could see Cinderella Castle, our minds were made up. 

So what do I think now that we have stayed there multiple times? I still love it! But, why? Let me explain. 


We’ve stayed at all of the monorail resorts. Actually, we’ve stayed at all of the DVC resorts at this point (save Beach Club- but we have stayed at Yacht Club, so I consider this comparable). After staying in all of those locations, I think PVB has the best access when it comes to transportation. 

The Disney World bus system is notoriously slow. There are just so many people to move and oftentimes lights and traffic, it’s hard for it not to be slow. From PVB, you only need to take a bus to Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Arguably, if you plan DHS later in the day, you could walk, take a Friendship Boat or now the Skyliner from Epcot. 

You are 1 stop monorail ride, resort boat ride or a Ticket and Transportation Center boat ride away from Magic Kingdom. In all of these circumstances,  you will have bag check completed before you get to MK, which makes getting into the park that much faster. 

You can also walk over to the Ticket and Transportation Center and hop ride on the direct line to EPCOT. To me, this is preferable compared to a multiple stop monorail ride from the other monorail resorts and then having to switch monorail lines. 

You can also walk directly over to the Grand Floridian and that in and of itself is a location perk. I absolutely adore the atmosphere at the Grand. They have great restaurants, music, Senses Spa, the new Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and they are currently building a walking path to Magic Kingdom. So in the future, you’ll be able to walk to MK from Poly! 


‘Ohana, Kona Café, Capt. Cook’s- one of the best lineups top to bottom at a resort. 

‘Ohana is amazing. It’s one of my favorite dinners on all of Walt Disney World property. Family style, delicious, the bread pudding- you just have to try it at least once. My gripe is that it is a very expensive meal. Worth it for sure if you’re on the dining plan, but it’ll cost ya if you’re paying out of pocket. What I love is that when you are staying at the Polynesian you can order the meal as room service. It’s called the Twilight Feast. Last time we stayed, we ordered the Twilight Feast for 1 and it fed 3 of us comfortably. 

If you know me, you know I like a good deal- THAT was a good deal. And I was in my pajamas the whole time. 

Kona Cafe is also wonderful. It’s a sit-down, table service meal, but I’ve yet to have a bad experience here. The staff is wonderful, the atmosphere is great and the food is amazing. One of these days, we’ll eat here for breakfast and I’ll get the gourmet version of the Tonga Toast. 

What’s Tonga Toast you ask? 

Capt. Cook’s  is the amazing quick service at the Poly. I love that they are open super early for coffee. We are early risers and when you’re staying in a studio, sometimes you don’t want to wake up the kids by brewing a pot of coffee, so having a quick service that is open early is always a plus for us. We’ve stayed at some of the other resorts where the coffee isn’t out until 7 or some ungodly late time. But, Capt. Cook’s has an unreal breakfast spread. I’m talking breakfast burritos, Mickey waffles…and TONGA TOAST. Let me just insert Disney’s description here,  “Banana-stuffed Sourdough Bread, Battered, Deep-Fried, and Dusted with Cinnamon-Sugar served with Bacon or Sausage.” Um, excuse me, what? Seriously? Yes, Seriously. And it’s that amazing. We split 1 piece between two of us and it is PLENTY for breakfast.

Once you look at their lunch and dinner menu, you’ll see why we actively choose to make a trip over to Poly when we aren’t staying there, just for the food! 

*Bonus* Pineapple Lanai

The amazing home of the Dole Whip. Need I say more? 



I know I said earlier how much I loved the Grand Floridian and it’s ambiance, but I did not choose it as my DVC home for a reason. It’s almost too stuffy for me. It’s ritzy. You feel like a baller staying there. But at the Polynesian, you walk over and here chaos coming from the pool, kids running around, music playing- it’s an atmosphere of family and fun. 

Where the Grand is great for your Sunday finest, the Poly is where you’re going after church, you know what I mean? 

Relaxed, family-friendly, upbeat and welcoming. We instantly feel like we’re home when we are there. Plus it smells amazing. Is that an odd thing to say? Probably. But I don’t even care because it totally does. 

Starting off your vacation by walking into the amazing lobby and getting lei’d, then going to grab a Dole Whip, while you look over Seven Seas Lagoon and see the castle? You can’t beat it! 

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