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Let’s be honest, many of us have moved past the point of slapping on an imbedded filter from Instagram, editing with their tools, and hitting Done. I get questions every now and again on what apps I use so. I figured this would be a nice little way to round them up. 


This is a Google app and it has a ton of features to help you edit your pictures. You can adjust color, brightness, touch up imperfections, add filters. There is really so much functionality that I haven’t even tapped into. I also like that this gives you the option of saving a photo as a new copy or just editing over your original. I’m crazy and sometimes I like to edit two different ways and then compare so this helps!

Lightroom Mobile

Have you heard of presets? Do you have presets? If you do, you probably already have Lightroom installed. Lightroom in and of itself is a very powerful editor, but if you’ve been interested in purchasing presets on Etsy or wherever you’ve found them, you’re going to need to get familiar with this app. Once you get a handle on it, it’s super easy and intuitive, but it takes some playing around.


I fall more in love with Canva every day. Mostly for making Instastory posts, though they also have regular Instagram post formatting as well. Canva has a mobile and desktop version. Personally, I find the desktop version to be easier to manage, but for quick things, the mobile version does just fine. I love that there are so many free templates to play around with and you can change colors and fonts to your liking/branding. Instastories are the ticket to engagement these days, so if you’re looking to gain some traction or just a cohesiveness to your feed, download Canva.

Tons of story templates to choose from!


This is an Instastories specific app. Unfold has clean, easy templates to use to make a story. They’ve made it really easy to download multiple slides at once or be able to save a .pdf so you can send them to someone or save them to use later. This really comes in handy if you’re batching content. Their premium option offers other story designs with additional stickers and fonts, but I think the free version works just fine for most things.


This app is great for a couple reasons. It can post to Instagram for you (though I don’t use it for that) and it gives you some real-time insights on your profile in the free version which is nice if you don’t have a business or creator account. Planoly allows you to upload the photo you’re going to post and shows you what it will look like on your profile feed. For those of us that are looking for a cohesive look/color scheme, this really helps. For me, I usually like to look to make sure I’m not posting the same style of picture as previous posts. Worth noting, there are several other apps out there like this, but Planoly was the first one I stumbled upon!

I hope you found this list helpful and check some of these apps out. I’m always in the market for some new apps, so let me know what you’re using these days!

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