Top 10 Table Service Restaurants at Disney World

It’s no secret one of my favorite things about Disney World is the food. Even with how much information there is out there, I still get disbelieving responses from people who assume it’s just “theme park food.” And don’t be fooled, there’s plenty of that too, but there are also a ton of awesome restaurant options too.

Here are some of my favorites!

1. Le Cellier Steakhouse

This is definitely a special occasion/treat type meal because it is on the pricier side, but for us- it’s worth every penny. Located in the Canada Pavillion, Le Cellier has maybe the best filet I’ve had and it’s also home to my all-time favorite poutine, now called the Annual Passholder Poutine (but anyone can order it). This poutine is fries, Canadian cheddar, truffle, and red wine reduction. What makes is so amazing is they bring it to the table and pour the reduction right there in front of you. Amazing. It’s a must-order every single time.

Disney Dining Plan Eligible: 2 Table Service Credits

Come. On.

2. Kona Cafe

Located on the second floor of the Main House at the Polynesian Resort, this possibly tops ‘Ohana for me for a sit-down dinner on Poly property- which is huge. They just had a big menu overhaul and it’s important to note you can eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. The breakfast menu is ridiculous, but I’m going to focus on dinner here. Kona has an awesome sushi menu and I’m always a huge fan of the pot stickers or the pork wings. Delicious!

Disney Dining Plan Eligible: 1 Table Service Credit

“Dad, make sure you order mac and cheese!”

3. Ale & Compass

Ugh. This place is so good. Located inside Yacht Club, this restaurant opened in late 2017, so it’s still fairly new. Jon and I absolutely loved our experience here. Top to bottom, the staff, the food, the atmosphere was amazing! The menu has a great variety on it, so there’s really something for everyone! I would 10/10 recommend the Parker House Rolls & Spreads as an appetizer. Wow.

Disney Dining Plan Eligible: 1 Table Service Credit

Bacon Jam, Pub Cheese, & Citrus Butter…SO GOOD.

4. Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant

Besides the food being awesome, the menu is huge here so you really have some great options. My favorite part is that they have live music and Irish step dancers every night. It’s so entertaining and kids and adults love it. It’s the one place that my parents ALWAYS request to eat when they come along. That must be worth something, right?

Disney Dining Plan Eligible: 1 Table Service Credit

5. San Angel Inn Restaurante

Now, you may not be taking any of those bright, colorful IG photos in here because it’s so dark, but the food is oh so worth it. This restaurant is located inside of the Mexican Pavillion. If you’ve ever ridden the Gran Fiesta Tour inside of the pavillion, you’ve ridden past all of the candlelit tables of this restaurant. I was going back and forth whether La Hacienda de San Angel would take this spot or not. That restaurant is located across from the Mexican Pavillion and honestly, it’s great too. You can request to sit at a table overlooking the water, it’s a bit brighter and more spacious inside too and the food is great. But, I really, really enjoyed the entire experience at San Angel Inn. It’s cozy and the food is great. I absolutely loved my Blood Orange Margarita here as well!

Disney Dining Plan Eligible: 1 Table Service Credit


6. Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria

EPCOT really has some of the best food you’re going to find on property and you can find Via Napoli at the back of the Italy Pavillion.  Grab lunch or dinner here and you’ll be a happy camper. The pizza here is just amazing. Obviously. If anyone knows how to do pizza. But I’m a thin crust pizza person, so this fits the bill for me. If you’re not, maybe check out the window service pizza place attached to Via Napoli. I’m not an eggplant parmesan fan, but my mother has dreams about the eggplant parm here, so if that’s your kinda meal, make a reservation ASAP!

Disney Dining Plan Eligible: 1 Table Service Credit


Honestly, this was a place that I never had a strong feeling about in either direction. So on one of our recent trips, Jon and I saw an open reservation and snagged it, figuring it was a good excuse to go over to Disney Springs and walk around. I am SO glad that we did. As the name suggests, a very nautical theme to the restaurant and lots of great fish options. Jon was a huge fan of the fish tacos. I loved my meal too, but the real MVP of this meal was our order of truffle fries. You order them as a side to share, or in our case, we ordered them as our appetizer and wow. They were so good, we actually were coming home the next day and we put the leftovers in a Tupperware and BROUGHT THEM ON THE PLANE. Hand to God, we could not leave them behind!

Disney Dining Plan Eligible: 2 Table Service Credits

Lemon Aioli on the side…scrumptious!

8. California Grill

I put California Grill up there with Le Cellier as a special treat/special occasion type meal. It’s not cheap, but the service and experience is second to none. Located on top of the Contemporary, if you get lucky and get seated by the windows, you’re going to have sweeping views of Magic Kingdom and Seven Seas Lagoon. There’s also a viewing area here for the fireworks, so save your receipt in case you have an early reservation and you can come back and watch from their balcony! We ate here for Jon’s birthday and I mentioned it was his birthday and they sat us by the window and the table had celebration Mickey confetti and we got a sweet complimentary cupcake for dessert! Reservations are hard to come by here, so make sure you plan in advance and make your reservation as early as possible!

Disney Dining Plan Eligible: 2 Table Service Credits

Okay, maybe not the best weather, but the view was still amazing!

9. Yak & Yeti Restaurant

I’ve definitely mentioned my love of Yak & Yeti’s Quick Service location which is outside to the right of the restaurant, but the Table Service portion is also amazing. Wok Fried Green Beans, Lettuce Wraps, Honey Chicken. It’s basically a better version of PF Chang’s. Don’t forget to try the Mango Pie and the Fried Wontons for dessert! I’m salivating just thinking about it!

Disney Dining Plan Eligible: 1 Table Service Credit


10. Grand Floridian Cafe

Rounding out the top 10, we’re stopping at the last location left on Seven Seas Lagoon. The Grand Flo Cafe at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. There are usually reservations available here, so it’s a good fallback in case you’re making a last minute reservation. Tons of seating, and very spacious thankfully.  You can also have Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner here which make it a versatile option. The Heirloom Apple Salad appetizer has crispy prosciutto on it, so basically just take my money because I’m a sucker for crispy prosciutto. Good luck picking an entree, because there are going to be at least a handful that catch your eye, it’s difficult to narrow it down!

We had a great experience here, our waitress was amazing. She found out that we were out to dinner for a night out without the kids, since my mother and MIL were watching the girls back at the room and she gave us a bag with 2 cupcakes in it for us to bring back to them at no charge. I’m always taken aback by the Disney magic!

Disney Dining Plan Eligible: 1 Table Service Credit


The great thing is Disney World is always opening new restaurants, the bad thing is, there’s just not enough time for us to try them all! Such a difficult decision to go back to your favorites or try something new, right? But we have a few reservations for upcoming trips to try some new spots, so who knows what might get knocked out of the coveted Top 10!


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