Life as an Usborne Books & More Consultant

Sometimes we make decisions that seem impulsive and out of character, but in reality, it’s something we’ve probably been unconsciously considering for a long time. That’s the only way I can describe my jump into becoming a consultant with Usborne Books & More. Totally out of my comfort zone. I don’t sell things. I’m a nurse. I do my very best to keep people who are an inch from death alive, whether they can pay for my services and knowledge or not. Not someone to plaster myself and promote something all over Facebook of all social media sites, Instagram maybe, but definitely not Facebook. Yet here I sit, with a month of Facebook parties ahead of me, selling children’s books.

A page from one of the bestsellers, Animally.


With a couple parties under my belt and training videos watched and read, I find myself with a motivation that I never expected. For a couple of years now, particularly since becoming a mom, I haven’t felt completely fulfilled in my work life. Nursing is hard. I work in Critical Care and the physical, emotional and mental toll that a 12-hour shift takes on my body is indescribable. I think anyone who works in healthcare would agree, patients are getting sicker. They all have multiple co-morbidities on top of whatever ailment has brought them into the hospital, which makes managing their care multifaceted and complicated. More often than not, I come home filled with horror stories and little hope. It is just the nature of the beast in the setting that I work in. Are there days where I see true progress and healing that fills me with happiness and pride in what I do? Absolutely. But it’s not the norm. Nursing has provided me with the flexibility to keep my daughter out of daycare and be able to be home with her which is something that is truly invaluable to me. There are also days where nursing stretches my mind and challenges me, keeps me on my toes and in the thrill of a critical moment, it fills me with adrenaline. So for that, and for those moments, I don’t think I will ever fully leave nursing. However, I do know that I needed something else.


All of the books I got for free when I hosted my party prior to becoming a consultant.

When my daughter grows up, I want her to see a mother who is hard-working, smart and driven. I want her to see someone who enjoys what they do, day in and day out. I want her to see someone who makes her want to work hard and stay focused. I think that’s part of the reason I joined Usborne. I’ve hosted every direct sales party under the sun…Jamberry, LuLaRoe, Scentsy, Tastefully Simple, Tupperware…you name it, I’ve tried it. And nothing has grabbed me and made me want to even consider joining as a consultant, until Usborne. I knew NOTHING before I hosted. I leafed through a catalog, looked at the website, I had seen a few books and they looked cool, but I was by no means a junkie. Something about that fact that this was all about books drew me in. I am a reader, I’ve always been a reader. I credit my parents for being really, really adept at picking awesome books for us. Reading was always a priority and I believe that it has helped me in school, with my vocabulary, writing and communicating with others, in general. So, it all comes down to an affinity for books.

Hoping my daughter will learn a second language before I did. My First French Word Book.


Even though I’m still relatively green in this business, I can honestly say that I’ve been nothing but impressed with the product. The books are all high-quality, with beautiful illustrations and there are just so many options. I truly believe there is a book for every kid. I have seen first-hand how much my daughter enjoys the books and actively seeks them out amidst other books we have at the house. Becoming a consultant gives me the ability to not only provide my family with access to all that Usborne has to offer, but I can reach so many more children in an age where technology runs rampant and social media permeates every corner of our being. Literacy rates PLUMMET after 4th grade, mostly because we stop reading to and reading with our children. If I can help to spread the word and get some books into the hands of kids so that they actually WANT to read, then it’s all worth it.

My starter kit.


Ultimately, nursing is a solid profession, it pushes me and challenges me and in a world where healthcare will dramatically change over the course of the next decade even, it is somewhere I will stay. But, books….children’s books? Now that’s fun. That’s bright and colorful and joyful. Books bring a smile to a child’s face. Books bring families together. Books bring cultures and countries and people of all ages together. I can’t be sure, but I think I found a way to make my professional life feel just a little more complete and whole.

*And this is my shameless plug to join my team. One reason I joined was that there are no sales minimums. I never had to run a party if I didn’t want to. Worst case scenario is I bought the kit which contained 20 books that my daughter will put to good use. Could be much worse. But if I do decide to pursue it fully, I can get that starter kit refunded if I meet enough sales and the commission is pretty good. And there is a surprising dearth of consultants, so if you have some questions….let me know. 


I’m always looking for people to introduce to the world of Usborne Books & More and I would love to host a party with you or even better…come join the book lady life on my team! Please get in touch with me by commenting below or through my website. I truly can’t wait to show you all we have to offer! 


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