Week 15- Regaining Momentum


You all know what the week after vacation feels like….

That was definitely how I was feeling. It took some mental fortitude to get the wheels churning again in the gym and in the outside world but luckily I got into a nice little rhythm early on in the week. I was super active all vacation and I tried to just continue that trend hoping that it would pay dividends at the end of the week…and it did! I had a solid week of weight loss and honestly, at times, I continue to be surprised that it’s all working.

I know that I’m working hard and eating right but I really do feel a bit lucky that things are going in the right direction and it only motivates me to push harder during every workout. I know every rep will be worth it in the end. Jen had me do a workout that we haven’t done in about a month and according to her, we upped the weight and reps on whole workout. I try not to focus on that aspect because I don’t want to psych myself out. Instead when she tells me what we’ve done, I can be pleasantly surprised.


EFC recently got in some new products for the Take It Off program which I was more than happy to try. First, they have new Proticcino shakes which are coffee and chocolate flavors. They are basically bottles filled with powder and you add water to it and drink it as is, or blend it with some ice. I was excited to try the coffee flavored shake because all I’ve been having are the chocolate shakes that are available. I’ll be honest, the new ones are tasty. Do I wish they also had caffeine in them? Yes. But I’ll take the change in flavor, for sure. They also started offering Cookies & Cream protein bars. While they aren’t exactly a Hershey’s bar, they do have a good flavor. Not an every day type bar but they certainly satisfy the sweet tooth when you need it.

I’m heading into Week 16 motivated and eager for progress. Jen and I discussed taking another set of measurements this week to give us another indicator of progress. I’ll let you know how that turns out! I officially start my new job this week, so my workout schedule will be significantly changed so I will be posting on that as well! Have a good week everyone!



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