Week 14- Vacation

As I write this, we are finishing up our staycation. It’s been a really good week and some much needed time off to spend with my husband, family and friends. But where does working out fall into that mix? Well, I’ll give you a glimpse into how I handled it. When we started vacation, Jon and I were determined to stay active and get a lot of steps and workouts in. Armed with our FitBits, we tracked our progress all week and we actually did a great job.


While I didn’t follow my usual schedule, I still had 2 sessions with Jen. On Tuesday, I met with her later in the afternoon rather than my usual morning appointment and I will say it was a bit bizarre. My energy level is definitely not as high at 5 o’clock but we pushed through and made it work. I will be starting a new work schedule this coming week which will force us to move things around so I may have some late night workouts coming my way. Better get ready.

On Tuesday, I’m also pleased to report that my amazing husband came to Zumba with me. He honestly did not even drag his feet or complain. He works very long days so the gym is just not a possibility at this point, so for him, this week was a great opportunity to get some workouts in and enjoy what EFC has to offer. He also got some insight into how my weeks have been going. I took advantage of the promotion going on at EFC where you can bring a friend for free until the end of July! Make sure you check it out and introduce some new faces to the crazy world that is Everybody’s Fitness! So back to Zumba…Jon was awesome! Totally blended in and it was great to be able to just goof around and workout with my sisters, mom and husband. Truly a family affair!


We went to Bosu class and got our butt kicked…well we got everything kicked. I’ll just say that we couldn’t move on Thursday morning, but by Thursday night we were busting a move on the dance floor at our friend’s wedding working off some wedding food!

At this point I’ve become pretty accustomed to the fact that challenges with nutrition are going to arise fairly frequently, this week was no different. We had a cookout at our house for the 4th…well a cook-in and a baby shower on Saturday! I’m pleased to report that good decisions were easily made all around. While it’s not the usual regimented times or foods, you can make it work and just don’t go overboard.


Now that vacation is over, it’s time to crack down and get to work again! Have a good week everyone!


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