Week 10- Getting in a Groove


Another week has flown by. I cannot believe we are at Week 10 already. This week was the first week that I felt some fluidity with the entire process. I finally feel as though I have a handle on the diet and I’m slowly learning how to make adjustments when I’m not eating out of my own kitchen. It’s a process, but my husband and I have gone out to dinner a few times now and it really feels like a treat, but I no longer leave the restaurant stuffed to the brim and feeling gross. The key for me has been research in that aspect. I search online for menus and for nutrition facts and I always choose my meal before I leave the house. That way I already know I am going to make a good choice and I rarely even open the menu to tempt me.

I’m also finding that I’m more in tune to what’s going on with my body. That sounds so cliché and corny, but I really do. I can tell when I need to drink more water, I can tell how much food is going to be enough. Rarely do I feel stuffed, but I always feel satisfied. I’m also finding that I can push myself harder in my workouts every week. I’m going for the higher weights. Not that I enjoy lifting more weight by any stretch of the imagination, but my body and mind are telling me that I can handle it. After all, dogging it isn’t going to get me the results I want.


This was the second weigh-in in a row that was a solid loss and I’m starting to feel it in my clothes. I’m wearing some things that have been sitting in a pile for a couple years now and that’s a good feeling. It really is only motivating me to do more and to keep working hard. I’m still a ways away from my end goal but seeing progress is keeping my head in the game!


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