Week 9- The Days You Surprise Yourself


Week 9 started with yet another holiday…Memorial Day! Holidays and holiday weekends have certainly changed at our house, for the better I would argue. Let me preface by saying that while I’m at the gym 5 or 6 times a week, there is a part of me that yearns to be outside! So, my husband and I started our Memorial Day at Purgatory Chasm. We hiked for about 5 miles and honestly, it was hard work but it truly helps you clear your head. It’s so nice to just breathe in air that doesn’t smell like exhaust fumes or Mickey D’s. As I was telling Jen about our walk, I told her that we had the fantastic idea of stopping along the way to do sets of squats, push-ups, step ups, etc. I particularly enjoy searching for boulders that would fit into the workout. For those with a Fitbit following along, I had already reached 10k steps by 10:30am! And let me tell you that was a great feeling!

Side note: old Sarah would have NEVER done crazy things like hiking for hours and she NEVER would have voluntarily done a push-up. Apparently, things have changed.


I haven’t had a nutrition meeting with Linda this week because she is on vacation so I was nervous going into my weigh in this week. Eating on holidays is always odd timing. We actually ate extremely well for Memorial Day. A huge thank you to my parents for hosting and also for keeping me in mind with the menu. It was all delicious. But as I said, timing gets thrown off and a few times this week I found my mealtimes a bit different so I wasn’t feeling great walking to the scale. It wasn’t that I ate poorly, I just didn’t have a normal week for me.

Well. I surprised myself at the scale. I had my biggest loss yet. I lost fat and put on muscle and honestly I wanted to jump off the scale before it decided it was wrong! Granted, I know I’ve been working really hard in all of my workouts but I truly was not expecting to leave that room with a smile plastered on my face. I still have a ways to go but man, it felt good to feel like I actually accomplished something to be proud of.

Last little side note, Zumba on Tuesday was awesome!!! We had 18 people in class and it was so much fun. So great to see new faces and I really hope people just keep coming because as the motto goes, the more the merrier!! Hope to see some more new faces on Tuesday!!!



3 Replies to “Week 9- The Days You Surprise Yourself”

  1. Another great post.
    As far a changing up the menu on Memorial Day, I didn’t miss the potato salad or macaroni salad this year.
    And we had more than enough really good food to eat.
    Don’t think anyone left hungry.
    Just wait until my garden starts growing!
    That’s good eating!
    Keep it up, you are doing and looking great!



  2. I love reading your posts every week Sarah! You’re kicking ass! It makes me happy to see you happy! Keep up the good work!



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