Week 4- Try New Things


A month has gone by already? What? That’s insane. This week was all about trying new things. With Jen enjoying Disney World, (I’m not jealous at all) I had the pleasure of working with a new face this week, Andrea! I’m still following the same workout plan and exercises but we made some adjustments so I was still working out the same muscle groups but using some different equipment. We moved my push-ups into the squat rack and changed from kettle bell dead lifts to using the bar. At times it felt like a Planet Fitness commercial…a lot of picking things up and putting them down, if you catch my drift, but it was nice to switch things up. And of course Andrea did a great job in ensuring that I was sore the next day!!

In other “new” news, I was introduced to the Expresso bike. I am a self-proclaimed elliptical girl myself so this was certainly out of my comfort zone. Now obviously from my elliptical perch I had seen people riding these bikes through the woods and fighting off dinosaurs and large mice and dragons. Yes, those things actually exist in the Expresso world. I think the fact that the screen says “Sign In” was enough to deter me but Greg and Andrea were not going to let that happen. We made an account, which was very easy, just using my phone number and then I was all signed up! I did a short workout on the bike on Tuesday trying out a few new tracks and I actually look forward to trying all the different rides that are available. I made my mom promise that she would ride with me and we would race so for everyone reading here…we will hold her accountable!! (Sorry, Mom!) I also made an account on Expresso.net so all of my rides are available to see online. I can share them through FB or Twitter and it also links to MyFitnessPal, if anyone uses that app.

I thought I had my week planned out where I would see Andrea in the morning on Thursday and then Zumba on Thursday night. While both of those activities indeed took place, I also tried out the half hour Posture class taught by Andrea before Zumba. It was challenging and I was promised I would leave the room taller but that has not come to fruition yet so I’m still waiting!

The last new experience of the week was Combat The Fat on Friday morning with Andrea. I won’t lie, it was extremely difficult and I was pretty tired but it was a great workout! We did a circuit which pushed us to the limit and of course it all had to end with burpees. Side note: I found a very inappropriate shirt on Pinterest that I’m strongly considering purchasing which relates to burpees. Ask me for the link if you’re so inclined.

All in all, it was a completely different week than I’ve become accustomed to and not in a bad way. I constantly felt challenged and I’m feeling stronger every time I walk through the EFC doors. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for this week!



3 Replies to “Week 4- Try New Things”

  1. I love reading your posts.
    Actually, I’m losing weight after reading every post so the gym is a distant memory for me.
    Yes, I’m kidding.
    I love that you are doing as well as you’re doing.
    When I look at you, I can tell you’re doing something.
    Keep it up.
    Can I see you for more than 5 minutes one of these days?
    Rock on.


  2. I’m dying at the E cards… absolutely PERFECT! Can’t wait to ride the Expresso bike with you tomorrow A.M.


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