Week 2- Plan for the Challenges


And another whirlwind week had passed by! Can’t believe this is already my third post. Workouts have been going well. I’ve been getting in 5-6 workouts a week. This past week was 2 with Jen, 2 on my own and 1 Zumba class! I had initially planned on a second Zumba class on Thursday but an unforeseen challenge came about and so that wasn’t feasible.

I had to get all of my workouts in between Monday and Friday this week, because I started the week with a bridal shower on Sunday and I traveled to Long Island for another bridal shower on Saturday. Do you smell it? Wedding season is here! Along with wedding season comes some really difficult eating decisions for me. At shower #1, I was able to eat lunch before and I brought a protein bar for a snack. It was EXTREMELY difficult, don’t get me wrong, but I did it. Was I craving a mini cheesecake, BBQ meatballs, potato salad and chocolate cake? Ummm yes. Absolutely. But did I survive without it? Surprisingly yes.

Workouts went well. Tuesday, Jen changed up the workout and yeahhhh I was feeling it on Wednesday! Friday’s workout was just as hard but we were able to increase weight and reps in a few different spots and that certainly made me feel good! (Afterwards….definitely not during!)

Bridal shower #2 was not as easy. I knew the menu beforehand, which helped but the shower was from 12:30-5, so I had to really be conscious of what I was putting in my mouth. Overall, I think I did alright. Instead of penne ala vodka which I really wanted (and looked just amazing,) I asked for plain pasta and only ate a small portion with some pepper and even though the chicken came with a sauce on it, I tried my best to eat around the sauce. (I know that’s nearly impossible, but I made an attempt) I skipped out on potatoes, which is a tiny victory in my mind and opted for spinach instead. They also served some fruit so that was perfect and went right with my plan. I will admit that I had a bite of a red velvet cupcake. Only a bite and it was delicious and I felt guilty, but I have to admit it to you guys. My friends were fantastic the remainder of the weekend and were completely cognizant of what I was trying to accomplish and had no problem having a healthy dinner Saturday night. They have no idea how much that means to me to have their support!

All in all, what I’m saying is that being out in the real world and stepping out of the gym bubble is very difficult, but it’s doable. When push comes to shove, we all have to live our lives and ultimately, being able to plan for the challenges is the way to do it. Having a stock of protein bars in your bag, being armed with multiple bottles of water, bringing your own salad dressing (embarrassing, but yeah I did that)…all of those things are ways you can prepare yourself to make better decisions. As I sat with Linda on Thursday worrying about this weekend away, I said to her, “I’m afraid to make a mistake.” Her response was, “Make the mistake. One bad choice is not going to ruin this journey.” And she’s right. I’m ready for another week to start and this week I’ll be working hard and preparing for another challenge…EASTER! Stay tuned to see how things turn out!! Have a good week everybody and work hard!


2 Replies to “Week 2- Plan for the Challenges”

  1. I’m so happy that you were able to get through the showers ! I know it must have been a huge challenge especially the New York trip. Good for you !
    It’s one thing to follow a special diet in the comfort of your own home but to be able to work it out in the world, that’s hard. I’m sure your cousin Ryan can relate in a way with his diabetic diet.

    I’m proud of you. Keep up the good work!!!😊


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