March 2014 Ipsy Review


After this month, I’m questioning my Ipsy subscription. For me, it was 4 items that I honestly will have a hard time using. Birchbox won the competition for March, I suppose I will see if Ipsy can redeem themselves in April. So what did I get? Let’s take a look.

bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Get Ready
I don’t do lipstick. I understand I cannot completely write off lipstick and make it impossible to receive it as a sample but honestly, I’m a lip balm, lip gloss girl so this was not something that interested me. It’s a rosy/pink/red and I ended up giving this to my mom, who said she would continue to use it. At least it found a home!! This lipstick also came with a coupon for a free sample with purchase from bareMinerals, however I will not be using that. I just can’t find something else I would purchase from them at this moment.

NYX Love in Rio Eyeshadow
The colors in this palette of eyeshadow are decent and honestly I would probably use it eventually but my sister and mom use eyeshadow far more often than me so this was also given to them, results pending. But I will say the sample size is generous (it may even be full size) and the colors are a nice neutral which I appreciated.

Chella Indigo Blue Eyeliner
Blue eyeliner? Nah. I actually have Blueberry mascara from 100% Pure which I really like but I don’t think I will be using a royal blue eyeliner. It smells a bit like a Sharpie and just for shits and gigs I put some on and it was a laughable experience. We’ll leave it at that. It is also a full size item so that adds a good value to the bag.

Pixi Beauty Flawless Beauty Primer
This was probably the item I thought “OK, this might work,” however….my skin is not orange so that quickly became an impossibility. I’m going to stash this away for summer because I think maybe it will become useful once I have a tan. It seems like a nice formula and goes on smoothly and does not feel heavy. The jury is out on this one until I’m a bit more pigmented.

Overall, my sentiment is disappointment. Only 4 items and none which I found to be useful. The bag this month was designed specifically for ipsy which is cool but I thought it was off putting how rubbery the bag felt. It also just isn’t my type of art. I totally appreciate the creative juices that were flowing to make this bag but ultimately, it just wasn’t up my alley. Since it’s the first day of Spring today, I’ll be hopeful that April is going to amaze me. Stay tuned and find out!!


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