We all know that it can be difficult to get through the winter months. Everything is dirty and cold and summer seems like it will never arrive. With this exceptionally cold and snowy winter we’ve had in New England, it’s no secret I’ve been a bit down. As I was perusing the internet I came across the website 100happydays.com. Intrigued, I began my research.

This website poses a challenge for individuals to post a picture of something that made them happy every day for 100 days. The first image that caught my eye was this:

71% of people who started the challenge failed to complete it. It was like the page was taunting me saying, “You can’t do it. I know you can’t.” So I proposed an idea to my husband. Since his Instagram account is collecting dust, I figured he might be apprehensive, but he was on board for the two of us to enter this challenge. We both could use a little piece of happiness every day.

The website boasts lots of positive results that those who completed the challenge saw in their life. I calculated it out and this challenge will take us into June and almost to summer. We are currently on Day 5 and I’m seeing a pattern…food and cats. Hopefully, over the next few weeks we broaden out horizons and find more things that make us happy!

I encourage anyone looking for something to jolt them out of their winter blues to join this challenge. Visit the website. I also welcome you to follow my journey on Instagram.


Disclaimer: I am not a sponsor for this website. I am merely a fan and wanted to spread the word!!


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